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Alcohol and Keto

Alcohol and Keto can go together, in moderation. I suggest that you be well into Ketosis and “Fat Adapted” before consuming any alcohol or you run the risk of a major setback with this way of eating. Just remember that the body will burn alcohol FIRST and fat second, so after consuming alcohol you may “stall” for a few days or even a week, even though you stay in Ketosis. The following link explains it all well.

The Ultimate Keto Alcohol Guide

Eating Out

This is by no means a comprehensive list and I recommend you check the website of these places for nutritional info so you don’t make a wrong turn.

  • Wendy’s will give you a burger in a container with extra lettuce normally
  • Hardee’s just ask for a “Low Carb Thickburger” and it will come wrapped with lettuce. They also have a grilled chicken sandwich they will do the same with. I recently ordered a jalapeño burger without the southwest sauce and told them no bun. They wrapped it in lettuce too. They seem to be trained well.
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Apps and websites for tracking carbs and other macros

There are a few apps out there. I prefer to use MyFitnessPal (although you cant fully adjust it to be perfect for Keto unless you pay the membership, it will get you close)

If you are tech savvy and have Firefox or Chrome you can install the Tapermonkey extension and download a script that will make MyFitnessPal act better for keto! Check here on how to do it!

Getting Started on Keto

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To be clear, I am no expert on Keto but I have learned a lot and have been very successful with Keto so far. I also am no writer either. These posts are at times just a gathering of info that I have sent to friends on Facebook or posted in groups there. My posts will elaborate on these and other related topics!

As far as the Ketogenic Diet, or way or eating, basically it is like the well known Adkins program only with more fat and less protein. Continue reading

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