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To be clear, I am no expert on Keto but I have learned a lot and have been very successful with Keto so far. I also am no writer either. These posts are at times just a gathering of info that I have sent to friends on Facebook or posted in groups there. My posts will elaborate on these and other related topics!

As far as the Ketogenic Diet, or way or eating, basically it is like the well known Adkins program only with more fat and less protein.

Its actually referred to as a LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet. You keep carbs under 15-20 grams/day (about 5%). About 25% protein (more and the body converts it into glucose and burns it before burning fat). The rest is high fat (about 70%)… bacon, sausage, cheeses, red meats, fish and shellfish, avocados. Pure butter (no margarine), lard, olive oil, bacon grease for cooking. Lots of water to flush fat and aid in keeping the body hydrated. Once you starve the body of carbs and sugar it will start burning fat (ketosis). After several weeks your body should become “fat adapted” and the weight will drop, cravings diminish, lots of energy. There is no counting calories, only keeping track of daily carbs which comes easy once you get used to this way of eating.

Side effects of this way of eating are better mental clarity and focus, reduction or elimination of acid reflux, arthritis, reduced risk of certain kinds of cancer, better blood pressure and cholesterol. In recent studies it  has been shown to reduce the instances of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Its quite amazing…

My only caution about this way of eating you have to watch is that you must not have cheat days or go over you 20g of carbs, because eating all that high fat, you will gain weight if you are eating both high fat and more carbs.

Dr. Eric Westman, an associate professor of medicine, and the director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, has been using Keto for 15 years to treat diabetic patients to help them reduce or eliminate the need for type 2 diabetes medicine (yes I said eliminate, actual reversal of type 2 diabetes!). He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on LCHF diets. He explains in other videos about the safety of a long term LCHF diet, so you can trust that this is no “fad diet”. He promotes eating “real food”. Eating when hungry and stopping when full. No shakes, diet pills, gym memberships or anything other than following the plan he lays out for you.

Here is a link to Dr. Eric Westman’s video about how to do a LCFH diet –

Westman also has 21 videos that answer FAQ’s. This is PACKED with great info!

Additional thoughts and resources:

Don’t focus on the scales! I paid too much attention to the scales in the beginning. Just ensure you are getting enough fat, keeping carbs under 20 (I did 15 or less) and not too much protein. You will see small fluctuations in weight but I tested with keto “pee” strips to make sure I was in Ketosis and used the scales to make sure I wasn’t gaining weight from potentially doing something wrong. Take body measurements because you may lose inches before pounds. Just stick with it and I promise the weight will come off. Trust that it will even when you don’t have the warm fuzzies about it. I went 2 weeks recently and never seemed like I budged then dropped 3 lbs in 2 days.

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