This is by no means a comprehensive list and I recommend you check the website of these places for nutritional info so you don’t make a wrong turn.

  • Wendy’s will give you a burger in a container with extra lettuce normally
  • Hardee’s just ask for a “Low Carb Thickburger” and it will come wrapped with lettuce. They also have a grilled chicken sandwich they will do the same with. I recently ordered a jalapeño burger without the southwest sauce and told them no bun. They wrapped it in lettuce too. They seem to be trained well.
  • Cookout accommodates with a tray and lettuce
  • 5 Guys will put your burger and fixings in a tray
  • Burger King will put your burger and fixings in a tray (see pic below)
  • KFC has their grilled chicken
  • Zaxby’s has huge salads that are all decent if you tell them no croutons, no fried onions etc.
  • Subway, Guess you could do a Subway salad but I haven’t.
  • Jersey Mikes just ask for a tray and they will do any sub, no bun. Their website shows all nutritional values including carbs for their food without the bread so you can easily see how many carbs you will be getting. Love their Turkey and Provolone!
  • Fuddrucker’s lets you get any burger without the bun. Their fixins bar has Heinz mayo and ranch dressing. Lettuce, onions, banana peppers etc. I actually took their shredded lettuce, chopped onions and banana peppers and fixed myself a little “side salad” with the ranch dressing. Worked great!
  • Mexican – Most places I have been to I get the Texas Fajitas (beef, chicken, shrimp). It typically comes with peppers and onions, and cooked tomatoes which I leave off. Side salad of lettuce, guac and sour cream. Hold the chips, beans, rice, tortillas. Add cheese dip!
  • Chick-fil-a has grilled nuggets that are 2g of carbs according to their website. They also have grilled chicken sandwiches just leave off the bun.
  • Hooters has smoked wings that are great, no carbs unless you add a sauce or seasoning that contains carbs. They have steamed shrimp and crab legs. Just pass on the cocktail sauce.

Although I cannot speak from experience, I understand from others that:

  • Subway you can get a salad
  • McDonald’s will do similar to Hardee’s and Wendy’s
  • Jimmie Johns does any of their sandwiches as a lettuce wrap
  • Bojangles has roasted chicken bites. Or you can get a jambalaya bowl hold the rice and beans. So in essence you get roasted chicken bites, smoked sausage, and cheese in a bowl. The roasted chicken bites have 5 carbs according to the website. (I am sure you could also get their grilled chicken sandwich without a bun)

I have not signed up for this but saw this recently: – FREE 19-page Keto Restaurant Ordering Guide

A BK “extra long cheeseburger” sans bun